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All through realigning your relationship with time. 

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"Re" in Latin means back to the original place, or anew. Time Rebel is built on the old Proverb that man makes his plans, but God orders his steps. The ReCourse is designed to help you align your life to true north. To come back to your original design and purpose and re-establish your relationship with time. ReCourse is group coaching at it's best with live connections, personalized coaching, on-line resources, time tools and focused development on your own custom Life Plan. Here is an overview of the 7-week experience:


We are going to dive deep right out of the gate in this experience, getting real with our current pain points, distractions and hinderances. You will gain access to some tools, assessments and some meditations to help you gain fresh clarity on what is needed to best move forward in your journey. Together we will seek ways to practice the 7-core values of the Time Rebel.


In week two we will do a review of the Core Values Index giving language to individuality and identity.  As a group we will do some exercises and activations to bring clarity and alignment not only to your identity, but your now assignment in life.  Equipping each person to create a custom Priority Filter for their time use.


The weights and responsibilities of life can sometimes dim our passions and limit our vision.  We will work through some exercises to re-ignite your vision, tap into what is truly possible and help you craft not only a 90-day Focus, but start to build vision of your legacy.


After you complete your vision casting we are going to send you on a special retreat.  As a member of ReCourse, you will receive a care package for this retreat. Note: you don't have to travel anywhere (although you can), you simply need to clear your schedule and remove distractions.  During this retreat you will work on customizing your Legacy Life Plan.


With a fresh lifestyle blueprint in your hands (Legacy Life Plan), you are set to recommit and fully align your life and your time to the best you ever!  We will work together to cultivate a strong support system, healthy accountability and gain consistency in applying the Time Rebel core values and daily time tenants.


You are gaining healthy wins at this point and enjoying some new time rhythms and rituals. This week we will focus on creating strategic action to further drive wins in your health, finance and relationships. It is at this time that you will start to truly gain momentum in all that you have been putting into practice.

Be a Rebel... Live Different.



Our final session will be a powerful unique celebration of time and life! We will focus on staying the course, empowering you to live and lead as a Time Rebel.

You Will 

Gain capacity & new clarity to live from a grounded confidence.


With a new mindset & perspective on the value & power of your time.

Stop Paying the High Price of Busy

Red X
Lack of time with people you love.
Red X
Chronic stress that is debilitating health.
Red X
Inability to focus or gain clarity, constantly overwhelmed.
Red X
Poor quality of output in work or simply lack of follow through.
Red X
No time for the things you're truly passionate about.

It's Time To Rebel Against Busy  &  Live Life Above the Curve

Hi, I'm Layla, creator of the Time Rebel and I'm here to remind you that you are ridiculously in charge of you!  You are purposed and positioned to live a life that you not only love - but one that makes a profound influence on the world around you.  It's time to break free from busyness and live a life aligned to your true identity with a clarity and a focus that fuels you with confidence and peace of mind.  Come, join me in the powerful experience of ReCourse and realign your time back to true north.  Discover again what it to live life:

  • with greater balance
  • increased focus
  • more quality time and connection
  • less stress
  • more rest
  • capacity to pursue what you love!


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Group Coaching at its best!
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Live interactive sessions.
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Personalized coaching & solutions.
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Access to a Lifestyle Library of coaching tools.
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Time Rebel resources and time leadership tools.
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Creating your custom Legacy Life Plan.
Building Excellence

“I really needed help with organization. I appreciate the focused time on how to best use the Time Rebel tools. It was fantastic!”

Business Owner & Coach

Building Excellence

“I have always received wonderful clarity working with Layla. She has a way of putting steps into clear actions.”

Creative Consultant

Building Excellence

“As a busy wife and mom, I had started to feel like I was losing myself and my own goals and dreams. I met Layla- and my life has literally been shifting ever since! I now have more of a direction of specific goals and planning for my life and business.”

Director of Development

Special Introductory Offer

We want to empower as many Time Rebels as possible, so this Spring we are offering our 7-week ReCourse for nearly half off the standard rate. We want to help eliminate any delays, excuses or hinderances to your growth process. We know you are a dynamically talented individual with strengths, skills and a story the world desperately needs right now.  We want to help you get out of your own way and start to cultivate a lifestyle that is truly liberating, free and in healthy alignment with your true identity and purpose.

Come! It's time to RESET. RENEW. REDEEM. your time!

Standard Price


One-Time Purchase
  • 7-Weekly Live Coaching Sessions
  • Personal Time Rebel Planner
  • Core Values Index Report/Training
  • Personal Email Support
  • Group Collaboration & Feedback
  • Plus access to Lifestyle Library to support your best with leadership skill building, communication, nutrition, self-care, financial mindsets, and so much more!
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